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What is a 360 Video Booth and why does everyone love it?

Our 360 Video Photo Booth is the latest technology in capturing the person, their personality, their essence, and the vibe of the event.


The 360 VideoBooth eliminates the drudgery of tons of wires, the cheesy boxy environment and the intensive set up.  Our booth is modern and efficient as up to 4-5 people (max. wt. 1000 lbs) can stand on the Photo Booth's platform while the 360 camera whirls around capturing the fun on video.

How do I register?

You begin by filling out the Book Now form online. Pick your package, tell us all about your event and we'll check availability. Once we geet back in touch with you, we will require a retainer payment of $XXX. The remaining balance is to be paid at least 8 days before the event. If your event date changes, we can apply the payment to the new date at no additional cost to you. Of course, this is all based on availability.

How much space and power is needed?

Our booth space requires a 12'x12' area with a minimum height of 7'11" for the backdrop,

A power outlet should be within 30 feet and the ground on which the booth stands must be level.

We'll also need a venue provided for table props. You can supply the props or we can for a niminal fee.

Stable WiFi access is needed to device connections.

If you are hosting an outdoor event, as'll need to be locted in a covered shelter away from the direct sun, rain and wind.

How does our event get published online?

Direct access to the video will be given to your guests. They can post on social media as they see fit. We can also create a private photo gallery where you can download all of the videos for up to 2 weeks after the event.

How often will the Photo Booth be used? Is it worth renting?

Of course it is, we average 95% usage as any wedding or event.

Can I brand the Photo Booth for my event?

Sure you can! Our design team can customize a photo booth screen or platform to display any logo of choice. We need at least 3 weeks before the event to plan for the customization.  There will be an additional charge for customization.


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